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Will O' Wisp

Background: Even he doesn't know.

Significant summary: This guy is an imp, a mischievous trickster entity who occasionally visits outposts1) but whose activities center around a locale in the swamp known as The Wispering Way. Will is often seen in conjunction with Willow Wisp. They are both Wisps.

Personality and characteristics: Capricious and mischievous, though not malicious. However, if either Wisp is spied in the swamps, the wise course would be not to follow them.

Skills: Ability to fly or float but only when transformed into a gust of wind or a ground-hugging fog. In the swamp, often appears as a small flame or animated spot of light.


This narrator is responsible for the characters:

usually as a playful gust of wind or a bit of fog
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