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Whom It May Concern

Age: Unknown
Pronouns: He/him
Species: Apparently human
Previous Occupations: Clerk; bureaucrat
Current Occupations: Clerk; bureaucrat
Activities Shlepping around, mostly between N3 Station and NewHome, occasionally to Improbable Central, rarely further afield.1) His name comes up on notices and memos.2) He is a recluse who has forgotten when he came here3) or how long he's been here. Most of his time is spent doing paperwork.4)

This character was created as a plot device that probably could just as well have been served by an NPC, except to leave open the possibility of an occasionally playable character who can receive Distractions.

Personal Life

Sending memos; filing memos; signing memos; avoiding being seen.

This narrator is responsible for the characters:

but sometimes, more often than he'd like, to check on other installations
most often on memos that he's not even connected with, his name being what it is
or why
that no one cares about
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