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Background: She hails from a place that many Islanders regard as mythical called “Kentucky”. She suspects that her mother and current boyfriend (“Bobby”) are implicated somehow in the events that caused her arrival upon the Island. After many adventures as a human, in the course of which she founded the TALES clan, she found herself transformed into a kittymorph of generally human proportions but with feline abilities (and limitations) and characteristics.

Significant plot summary: Gamina's passion for storytelling, aside from the impetus for founding the TALES clan, led her to explore Island places extensively. In the course of her explorations she met a shapeshifter named WolphStrykes. They eventually married and started a glassblowing and papermaking enterprise based near Pleasantville. She refurbished a drinking hole, the Red Bar, near NewHome, but has very little to do with running it. Likewise, she renovated an abandoned houseboat then turned it over to John Keel as a writer's retreat.

Personality: Inquisitive. Impulsive. Mischievous. Compassionate. Likes to make things. Prone to starting endeavours; less prone to finishing them. As a cat, she has embraced her hunting instincts.

Apparent characteristics: A short, slight catgirl of 20 or so (but who can really say, with catgirls?) with light brown hair, tawny fur, and big green eyes.

Skills: With WolphStrykes, she uses the papermaking and glassblowing craft skills she dabbled in at school on the mainland. As a cat, she has very quick reflexes and acrobatic abilities. (Being a cat enabled her to eventually get over her lifelong fear of heights.)

For her full story, see her Island Bio.


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