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Sweepy Thyme

Background: Given the name “Sweetpea” by her parents, Daye and Old Man Justin Thyme, the girl soon acquired the nickname “Sweepy” – that being as close as her younger self could come to pronouncing it. Finding herself unable to get rid of the nickname, she seized it as an act of defiance and made it her own.

Or, at least, that's one story she tells. She tells it laughing, though… so there may be more truth hidden behind the meaning of a word from Old Norse: sveipa, which means to wrap; to envelope. And also is related to the verb for… yes, to sweep.

Significant plot summary: Sweepy works for Kaysera at Ye Olde Hypothecary Shoppe, though she has separate living quarters in the adjacent goat barn. She milks the goats, gathers herbs, works in the garden and orchard, and tidies up the place. Using a broom.

Personality: Shy, thoughtful, a hard worker, content to watch everything from the background. Which only makes it all the more surprising when she opens her mouth and something noteworthy comes out.

Apparent characteristics: Through a quirk caused by… well, nobody really knows why, but she speaks only in rhymes.

Skills: Well, obviously, sweeping. Less obviously, herbal lore and goat tending.1)

For her full story, see her Island Bio.

This narrator is responsible for the characters:

Artwork by WolphStrykes:

often referred to in page text as “that goatherd girl”
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