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Season Two

Like Season One, only shinier.1)

Stuff That's Happened So Far

(Placeholder page. I'm mostly copying this from the “what's new” guide as a reminder to do some actual research later.)2)

2009 - 2013

  • 2009: Welcome to Season Two, where contestants are no longer able to beat the crap out of each other for fun and profit. The first few months see a bit of multi-server drifting - Season One's island is kept running simultaneously alongside Season Two, for old times' sake, until a bomb explodes time and space. More on that here.3)
  • Stamina system introduced.


  • ???: Banter and Character Chat get split in two
  • July:
    • Story chat becomes available in eBoy's, Sheila's, and Restaurants
    • Monthly Mementos go on sale for the first time!
    • New minigames: Holes and Crows, Rook Trader
  • September: Down Below
  • October: Candy!


  • HyperRings phased out - now all you need to keep your account active is to donate once.
  • Contestant list removed from the login page4)5)


  • Smoking cigarettes now gives stamina but is still a terrible idea
  • Stones/Mineral Appraisal Hut
  • CMJ's a father now!
  • Monster Diary
  • Double Comma autocorrects to `
  • Travle Ajents and Skronky Pot
  • Rabbits are unleashed oh no


  • Midnight
  • HyperTeleporters
  • July: Kissing Booth now unisex
  • October: Shiny new mod call button6)
  • Fourth7) server move breaks the forums and the Old Wiki somewhat - the latter can still be edited, but nobody can make a new account there.


  • January: Contestant list removed
  • February: Tenth anniversary!
  • July: Gender-neutral pronouns now available in character customization
  • October: Old distractions will now delete themselves after a year


  • Jill and the Jokers, pt. 5 and 6
  • Monster Research Lab
  • CMJ's doorbell gets possessed.

2020: Season 2 - Champion Edition



  • Big overhauls of the site's skins, both for accessability and ~style~. This is roughly when graphical backgrounds got implemented, including raindrops, tree shadows, light/dark variants, etc etc.


  • “Operation Make Island Less Shit On Phones” makes the Island less shit on phones. (More options for banter display, etc.)


  • 15th Anniversary!
  • The Bank adds its expanded services.
  • OneShot Teleporters stopped getting dropped on the island, replaced by witchbloom seedpods
  • good god there were so many titans. i don't know if it's historically relevant but some days you'd be in central and hear thirty of the bloody things storming towards you.
  • Fifth10) server change completely takes the forums offline and kills the old wiki stone dead.
  • Old wiki scraped off the asphalt and placed in readonly mode, new glorious wiki created. 11)
Not quite as shiny as Season Three, though.
cd here with some questions for the people who have been around far longer than me: what would you like this to include?
Currently I've stuck to listing the technical changes and server changes, but! In blindly stumbling through MOTDs I've found all sorts of cool stuff. Fanworks, merch, competitions…
A lot of it was on the Enquirer and is inaccessible now but it might be fun to celebrate all that.
Maybe also a mention of last year's Ball, given we got over 100 pages of story out of that.
link when CMJ has had a chance to go over it
What was this, anyhow? A list of online players?
That's exactly what it was. It was useful for seeing who was on/trying to nab people for story, but the downside is that it was also very useful for seeing who was on/trying to nab people for story and badgering them, so an executive decision was made to remove temptation. One thing that happened around that time, though, was that the “current gametime” also stopped being displayed on the login screen, which can be frustrating if you time it poorly.
A bit of context here: the mod call button “freezes” the chatspace you use it in and prevents it from autodeleting after enough Newdays pass. Think of it as evidence preservation. It is very helpful to the mods if you also put in a Petition or Distract a mod with the context of why you have hit the button (assuming that it isn't something screamingly obvious).
More serious explanatory footnote: ARSE is properly implemented and everyone's stats get overhauled. CMJ implemented it without needing to blast everyone back to newbie status, so a season three isn't necessary. Yet.
This is also the year the Code of Conduct is written and uploaded, but I don't think I'm the person to make the call of including it vs. excluding it.
You're reading it right now, unless it's fifteen years since I wrote this footnote and we've absolutely bungled our filestructure so badly we need to start over again, in which case hello wiki number three.
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