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The Improbable Island Wiki of Lies

As opposed to us, who would never lie to you. Honest.

Another feature launched during The Pilot, the Wiki of Lies was… well. It was a wiki. The only differences between us and them is that they had way more editors and a much worse filing system. The wiki had exactly one standard back then1), so instead of categories pages were dumped all over the place with reckless disregard for organization.

Despite the frankly bizarre internal structure, the old wiki is far from useless. Some of the information is both correct and truthful, and the more outdated stuff provides a glimpse of the gameplay of seasons past. Pages were rarely ever deleted and some guides simply struck out old text when a site feature changed, rather than erasing it. These days the wiki reads like a little like a visual metaphor for how gameplay has changed over time. Or maybe it's a labyrinth with mysterious in-jokes etched into the walls.

As with The Improbable Island Forums, the Wiki of Lies broke during 2017's server move. Accounts couldn't be made from that point forward, and existing editors had to wrestle with a barely functioning interface to get shit done. When 2023's server move smacked it with worse problems, CMJ went “fuck this” and pulled the plug. The old wiki now lies2) dead, preserved in read-only form, which you can peruse here. Here, we strive to carry on the hard work of those who came before us. Or something. I dunno. Point is, we plagiarize it constantly.

If there's something on the Wiki of Lies you need to find, use the search bar - the sitemap will get you nowhere. If you see an article worth stealing, bring it here! Click the “view source” button on the side of the page, then copy the result into an appropriate new page here. Keep in mind it won't update links, so be sure to manually redirect any ridiculous red links you see to existing pages or logical namespaces.

For editors who have been away for a few years, or otherwise want to contribute to this Wiki of Often Not Lies, don't ever get nervous about quality. It's true that some of the articles here are a little more wordy3) than they were back then, but we still only have two standards.4) There is no minimum wordcount. There is no page structure to adhere to. Articles only get long when one of us has fun rambling about the video game we like playing.5)

“Keep content in line with the main site's rules.”
(And a lot more lacking in dick jokes.)
“Does it obey the Island's Code of Conduct?” and “Did you put that in the right place?”.
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