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From The Improbable Traveler's Guide to Improbable Travel, Season 1 Edition:

Kittania, located near the eastern side of Improbable Island, is the home of the Kittymorph population. Generally regarded a lazy, chaotic bunch, the local Kittymorphs have not devoted much time to building or developing the area, hence the 'city' looks more like a collection of fragile shacks to outsiders. Buildings have been known to collapse when touched, and the lack of permanence has led to a city layout where landmarks come and go. As a result, tourism is not a major industry, and the entire area is popular with people seeking a raw, unspoiled wilderness.

Additionally, perhaps because of the Kittymorphs' famous laziness and version to any pursuit other than chaotic hedonism, the area has become famous for its devotion to peace and love, and it has become a center for the marriage and honeymoon industry. Suitors journey from all over the Island to register their marriage proposals at the Bluerock Chapel, and newlyweds are frequently seen strolling arm-in-arm1) through what passes for 'streets' in Kittania.

Major attractions in Kittania include:

  • Joe's Dojo. This training and evaluation center is open to Kittymorphs only.2) Unlike dojos in other cities, the mentors at the Kittania branch have been suffused by the area's notorious laziness and don't work as hard to publicly humiliate the contestants who come for evaluation, nor do they put on the weekly social events common at other dojos.
  • The Hunter's Lodge.
  • The Travel Agents.
  • The Council Offices.
  • Bank of Improbable.
  • The Communications Tent.
  • Vending Emporium.
  • Ella's Dance Studio. Kittymorphs are famous for their signature fighting move, wriggling free of their armor and fighting naked - a tactic that allows them to take maximum advantage of their natural agility. Though not a Kittymorph herself, dance instructor Ella was so inspired by the population's grace and dexterity that she chose to open her dance studio here. She offers lessons to experienced contestants, but these lessons appear to serve no useful purpose - no, none whatsoever. Take her lessons and you lose vitality but gain charm.
  • Heidi's Place. Heidi's Place is a particularly fragile structure and thus is usually overlooked by inexperienced contestants. Heidi has chosen to dedicate her life to the pursuit of peace. At her shrine, contestants can burn a blue candle3) or can make a donation to feed the hungry4).
  • Sheila's Shack O'Shiny.
  • Trading Post.
  • Mike's Chop Shop.
  • Common Ground.
  • Clan Halls.
  • Kittania Bluerock Chapel. The Chapel is famed Island-wide as the most beautiful place for proposing marriage and holding wedding ceremonies. The entire structure is build from the local bluerock, a rare and precious stone quarried nowhere else in the world. To cater to every possible whim, the staff has developed the means to satisfy the most extravagant requests, whether providing the wedding ring to please any bride5), to delivering the wedding proposal by trained dove, to conducting the ceremony itself. The staff can accommodate just about any bridal request, from the most simple civil ceremony to the most extravagant Elvis-themed feast.

Overall, Kittania is an acquired taste. Luxuries and modern conveniences are few, and the area likely appeals mostly to those who love rustic living in a semi-developed forest setting. Most residents appear to sleep elsewhere, so expect little development in the way of local shacks and housing.

Looking for the current (read: non-obsolete) guide to Kittania? Click here.

The poor sods.
The Kittania office is carefully hidden, so that no other races can find it. Of course, since most of Kittania's 'buildings' are unmarked shacks, even Kittymorphs have trouble finding it.
This act costs one [PVP] turn but provides four additional jungle fights.
This act costs req bur provides a Feelgood buff.
Except maybe a Bridezilla - but this elusive species, most commonly seen on reality TV, is seldom sighted in the Island
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