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Katarina Walker

Age: 30-something (looks 20ish)
Pronouns: She/Her
Species: Persistently Human
Previous Occupations: Engineer (paid, mainland), Unemployed (unpaid, mainland)
Current Occupations: Contestant (paid), Scientist (self-employed), Factory Owner (self-employed)
Wishlist: Wishlist

Katarina Walker is her full name, but everyone calls her Katie (and a rare few call her Katya). She does her best to help and support the people she meets, and is searching for technological parts. She has written a textbook on controlled Improbability, and operates a self-sufficient factory known as Walker Enterprises located at O11. She has a notebook full of various sketches, notes, and other things of which excerpts are available here.

Mainland Life

“Yes, I'd say I'm a scientist, but I'm not mad yet…”

Katarina was originally an engineer with a degree from MIT, writing complex software solutions for a leading corporation. When the EMP bombings happened, she was forcibly driven into unemployment (the majority of her work skills becoming irrelevant). She collapsed into a deep depression, surviving on a government paycheck, fed on government food, and watching the government-run network television.

At least this means she wasn't entirely surprised when the government kidnapped her and threw her out of a plane. Killing people for sport? It was almost a sort of cathartic revival.

Island Life

For someone who started out life on the Island scared, naked, and alone, Katarina (Katie to her friends, or very occasionally Katya), has gotten a bit too used to it. The bloodshed, the screaming, the chasing… as her fear gradually turned to mania, she found herself becoming very well adapted to the Island indeed. What of her sanity remained was poured into scavenging the Island for literature, tools and equipment, which she eventually put together to develop both a much broader skill base than she ever had back home, and her own factory with employees and apartment complex. Being filmed 99% of the time has also done wonders for her sense of self, no joking intended.


Tragically, Katie's player can't draw, nor does she know people who are interested in drawing a picture. Maybe someday she'll doll up a Sims construct and take some pretty pretty pictures.

Out of Character

The person responsible for Katarina Walker is also responsible for Grim Larry and the Narrator.

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