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Charlie Four-Four


Charlie Four-Four (Full serial number C-44-21), is an android with an arctic fox-like design. Standing at exactly five feet in height in her standard form, Charlie's fur is blindingly white and extremely soft. Her eyes are bright electric blue, and regardless of any form she's taken, the colour of her eyes remains constant.

While highly intelligent, to describe Charlie's psyche in familiar terms, it would be fitting to describe Charlie as insane. Already unpredictable and excitable, the constant effects of the island's mind-bending exceptions to the laws of physics and causality has eroded Charlie's sense of, well, sensibility. Despite this, Charlie is a brilliant inventor and engineer, and has created many devices, vehicles, and items over time. While many of Charlie's inventions are mostly nonsensical and purely for fun, she has created some useful weapons and vehicles as well.


Manufactured on Mars in the late 2120's by BioGen Incorporated, Charlie's original function was as an assistant development engineer on a classified military project. Sometime later, she accidentally arrived on the island due to some form of timespace anomaly, transporting her to a reality entirely separate to her own.

While isolated from her homeworld, Charlie is not entirely without company from her fellow Martians. Peridot and Chelsea Two-Two are also both of Martian origin, manufactured by the same company.

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